There is Nothing Like a Good Storage War to Help Our Furry Friends Out

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 11:23pm by John Stevens

Storage Wars is a term that the popular television show has coined, but it is not the only meaning of the phrase. No, there are not different factions of the self storage industry combing their forces with plans on industry domination (at least not through the use of automatic weapons and explosives). There are, however, self storage facilities that engage in a form of ‘humane’ war each and every year.

Bainbridge Self Storage, Bainbridge North Storage and Pacific Storage in Poulsbo, Washington are on one side of the ‘fight.’ On the other is Reliable Storage Bainbridge and Reliable Storage Poulsbo. Their ‘weapon’ is something that will help sustain life; not for people, but for the animals at the Kitsap Humane Society.

The basic premise of the ‘war’ was this—each side was going to try and collect as much food for the Humane Society as it could during a particular timeframe and to the winning side would go the spoils. In this case ‘spoils’ referred to a box of chocolates and bragging rights.

“Of course, it is all in good fun,” said J.M.Danielson, manager of Bainbridge Self Storage. “The best result of this battle is the donations to benefit the Kitsap Humane Society.”

The war was hard fought as both sides wanted to do whatever they could in order to win—for the honor of the facility; for the love of the pets in need; and of course chocolate. Prior to Valentine’s Day the war ended so that the director of the local Humane Society could pick the donations up and the pets in the Society’s care could enjoy the real spoils

How much was collected? 

“Our Pet Food Drive for the Kitsap Humane Society has come to a close and it was a great success,” said J. M. Danielson, manager of Bainbridge Self Storage and Bainbridge North Storage. “Together with Reliable Storage [Bainbridge and Poulsbo], Pacific Storage [Poulsbo], Bainbridge North Storage and Bainbridge Storage we collected approximately 2,000 pounds of pet food for our furry friends.”

This isn’t the first time the two sides have had their own version of a storage war to collect food for the less fortunate. Last year the two faced off in ‘donation combat’ to see who could collect more donations for the Helpline House.

“They can take it to us or to Reliable, but they should probably take it to us because we have candy, dog bones and kitty treats,” Danielson said with a laugh.

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