There is No Whining in Self Storage But There is Wine

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 11:16pm by Kim Kilpatrick

When it comes to the self storage industry there are certain things that come to mind right off the bat in regards to what is normally stored in a unit. Things like furniture, appliances, recreational vehicles, and clothes are all fairly common. Storage units are not limited to those things. In fact, depending on the unit you could say that absolutely anything can be safely stored in a self storage unit—even wine.

Self storage is essentially extra space. People do not have enough for any number of reasons so they head to their local self storage facility. However, depending on what it is it may need special conditions in order to be stored properly. This costs the facility more and the customer too, but if a person has wine that they are concerned about storing properly chances are they are not going to be too concerned about the extra cost.

“For many collectors, in-home cellars are impossible or impractical; we make out-of-home wine storage secure, safe, convenient, and seamless,” said Mark Nelson of Classic Wine Storage & Services.

For those interested in wine storage it may not be all about creating space at home. It will be about storing the wine in the best conditions possible for it to age properly. Wine connoisseurs that want to do the most for their wine without buying special equipment—or have the space for said equipment—could benefit greatly for the service.

Now if only they knew about it.

Self storage in general is not something that you see a lot of in advertising, but thanks to the internet other channels have opened up for facilities to spread the word.

For example, Allstate Self Storage, a company with facilities in Arizona, Minnesota, Indiana, and Nevada, recently issued a press release simply to discuss its special wine storage:

Allowing wine to mature to its peak in the best conditions possible means that wine enthusiasts will get the most out of every bottle of wine every time.

Some facilities opt to go ahead and make it clear they specialize in wine storage by including it in its name like Classic Wine Storage & Services.

“Your wine is our business,” said Mr. Perkins. “We take the worry out of wine storage and provide a complement of services to help you grow, manage, and enjoy your collection.”

So if you are thinking you really loved that wine you had at that restaurant the other night, but don’t know how to store checkout your local self storage facility. You never know—they might specialize in wine storage!

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