There is a First Time for Everything in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Nov 27 2012 - 10:12pm by Tony Gonzalez

When it comes to charitable efforts the self storage industry is well known for its philanthropic contributions. Self Storage facilities across the country get involved in their communities all the time. However, it is not as common for them to engage in charity efforts that aid an area other than their local community.

It makes sense for self storage companies to be primarily involved in charities where they are located. Part of the reason for doing so is for name exposure. It is highly doubtful that a self storage facility in Houston is going to get much business (from the exposure) if it were to make a donation to a food bank in Oregon. People are more apt to donate when they think they are helping out their local community where they are invested rather than some city that they have never been to.

That doesn’t stop some from doing so. Recently one self storage company announced that it would be engaging in a charity drive that helped people outside of their community for the first time in the company’s history.

LifeStorage is a self storage company in the Chicago-land area. Over the years it has become very well known for doing a variety of different thing in support of local charities such as food drives, coat and clothing drives, garage sales, events for pet rescue, and so many more. 

This time the company has decided to branch out and send some of its good will east to the New York/ New Jersey areas that were recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

“We’re always willing to lend a helping hand, hosting a variety of charity drives and events ourselves,” said Michelle Wight, Director of Operations for LifeStorage. 

Ashbey Riley, a local writer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Bum Bul Bee Photo and Films is the leader of the project. Riley was already engaged in it when LifeStorage heard about his efforts. It was at that time that the company decided to jump in and help.

“…In this instance, Ashbey already had the momentum and plan in place, so we wanted to help out however we could. As a storage company, donating a storage unit seemed appropriate and we’re hoping by Thursday we have a full unit. It’s rewarding to be able to help out beyond the city of Chicago and we thank Ashbey for her efforts.”

The drive has been ongoing since November 13 and will conclude on Tuesday, November 29. Many people lost everything so it is hard to donate something that is not needed by someone!

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