The Silence of the Lambs Self Storage Facility Going Up For Auction

Posted on Mar 14 2014 - 11:12pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Whether it is the big screen or the little one the self storage industry has to be one of the most well represented—yet overlooked–business entities on television or in the movies. Unlike a lot of products that you see in movies the self storage industry actually has a purpose when it appears in a show or program.

Self storage facilities or units have played a part in countless programs and movies. NCIS has used self storage units to hide gold coins and evidence of a terrorist sleeper cell. In Burn Notice self storage units were often used to store weapons. The list could go on and on.

In the near future a small piece of Hollywood/self storage history is going to be put up for sale at auction—the self storage facility that was used in the 1991 classic Silence of the Lambs.

The self storage facility in the movie was called Your Self Storage. When Jodie Foster’s character got to the facility she had to crawl under the door to get inside where she discovered all sorts of macabre things. Now the building in which it was housed is set to be sold at auction.

“We have been directed by the trust that owns the property to sell and close before Memorial Day, with proceeds going to the estate,” said Mike Berland, executive vice president with Hanna Chartwell, the company marketing the property.

For those that really love the movie and appreciate authenticity the original sign from the movie is still being stored inside the building (which is located in the Pittsburgh, PA area). It was owned by a former member of the self storage industry, Henry Focer (who passed away last September).

It remains to be seen whether the facility’s history will affect the asking price.

This is not the first time that a self storage facility has become affiliated with the self storage industry. Last July saw a self storage facility open—the Kearney Drive-In Self Storage– on what was once a drive-in movie theater. 

“These storage units are also ideal for people who need a place with quick access for motorcycles, bikes, kayaks, boats, campers and other seasonal and outdoor equipment,” Benjamin said. “Kearney Drive-In Self Storage is close and convenient for much of Kearney.”

Last summer Superior Self Storage in Sacramento used the side of one of its buildings as a screen where it showed a number of different family oriented movies.

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