The Right Prize is the Key to Making Promotions Work for Your Self Storage Company

Posted on Jun 28 2011 - 4:14pm by Holly Robinson

There is one way that every marketer will try when it comes to drawing in more customers to a business and that is the contest. It is a fact of life; everyone likes free stuff. However, when it comes to making a promotion truly work for you, the prize needs to be more than just free. It needs to be something people really want, or even better, really need.

Companies all have different tactics when it comes to their contest giveaways. Many like to give out tickets to sporting events; electronics like flip video cameras and iPads are not uncommon. A lot of self storage companies will also offer what people go to them for, storage space.

Storitz is a website that acts as a one-stop directory/comparison site for people looking for self storage space. They are where you want to go to easily find a self storage facility for wherever you need one and to find out which one is the best for your money. There latest promotion, the ‘Get Your Stuff Together’ contest, is likely to drive lots of traffic to the site because it is what every person that is interested in self storage needs.

People that need self storage often have one problem—they have too much stuff. When you get to a point in life where you have too much stuff, your living place often becomes cluttered and messy. As much as we don’t like it, until we figure out what to do with all the stuff, things will continue to be a mess.

With their latest promotion, Storitz wants to help change that for someone. Whomever can say why they need help cleaning up their mess in under 140 characters the best will win not only the use of a self storage unit (10’ x 10’) for all the extra stuff, but will also have the services of with celebrity organizer and founder of organized lifestyle brand O.C.D. Experience, Justin Klosky, for a day.

By offering people that are looking for self storage something they could use—space and a free celebrity organizer—Storitz gives their customers exactly what they want. That of course only encourages more traffic to the site which will increase traffic to some of the self storage facilities that they promote. That makes the self storage facilities happy; Storitz is happy; and the customer is happy (really happy if they won).

Essentially if you go with the right promotion, everyone can come out happy in the end.

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