The More Self Storage Aggregators Can Do the Better

Posted on Apr 29 2013 - 5:30pm by Holly Robinson

Compartmentalizing jobs has its place. Some tasks can be so large that it is better to break the larger task down into smaller ones and to have people responsible for only their small piece. However, at the same time there is something to be said for letting someone take on whatever they feel like they can handle—you never know how much they can accomplish.

In recent years self storage aggregators have become an integral part of the self storage industry. With the whole world basically going digital the internet is now a hotbed for marketing and advertising campaigns of all kinds. Aggregators act as online yellow pages, or simply just another of the many ways that self storage companies now have at their disposal to get their name out. is one such aggregator that is becoming increasingly popular as the industry continues to become main stream. Through advertising and marketing campaigns of its own along with organic searches the site is expecting to see nearly a million visitors this year looking for self storage space from one of the (at current) more than 5,000 facilities listed.

“Results like we’ve been having and will continue to have are credited to our seo, sem and social media teams which have been driving our Analytics to new heights daily,” say Victor Dante , CEO.

Of course a large part of the success is due to the product. People like the concept of being able to search for a self storage facility wherever they may need it and reserving it. That is not all the site offers these day though.

For example, often times when people need self storage it is because they are moving. When folks move they often need a moving truck as well. People looking for self storage facilities can now search according to which ones offer free moving trucks or trucks for rent.

“Consumers who are in need of a moving truck to assist them during their move, will save time and money by choosing a storage facility that offers a truck rental option; we are thrilled that we could provide our users with more comparison shopping features” says Dante.

The site is looking to do more than just provide users with as much information as they can use in regards to their possible self storage needs. It wants to do like many of the facilities that it has listed—get involved in charity. When the Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Central Florida held its 5th Annual 5K Run/Walk to benefit several worthy causes was one of the co-sponsors.

“This has been a goal that we have wanted to achieve from our very inception, that is giving to charities. There is nothing more rewarding then giving to others who could use some help. As we grow, we will be more involved with many charities,” Dante said.

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