The Geek Shall Inherent the Earth…and Apparently the New Self Storage Start-Up

Posted on May 15 2014 - 11:38pm by Kim Kilpatrick

If you have any computer/tech friends you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘the geek shall inherit the Earth’ or maybe ‘it’s the Age of the Geek baby!’ Basically what they are referencing is the ever increasing presence computers and technology have in society. It seems that the Age of the Geek has even extended in to the self storage industry.

People come up with great business ideas all the time. What ends up killing many of them is a lack of sufficient funds. Enterprising entrepreneurs are not completely out of luck though. There are things like the Geekdom Fund that supports its member by providing them with $25,000 in funds to help get their business off the ground.

That’s where Jaakko Piipponen decided to get help for his start-up, Remote Garage.

His idea was to create a different sort of self storage business. Rather than have people drive to the facility and rent a unit for their stuff Remote Garage gives people the chance to enjoy the advantages of self storage even if they don’t have enough stuff to warrant renting an entire unit.

What he envisioned was for people to be able to go to a website, request a certain number of boxes be delivered, for people to fill them up, and when they wanted them all they had to do was ask. The company would immediately deliver the bin to the residence of the owner—and all for just $7/bin!

“They pay by the box,” Piipponen said. “We pick up, store their stuff securely and let them monitor it online and they can get their things back whenever they want.”

Piiponen launched the idea last year and has been working on creating partnerships for it as well as a maintaining and improving the website. That of course takes money—something that is in short supply for new start-ups.

To raise he went to Geekdom and applied for the award—and lost. When he later reapplied after obtaining some more customers and partners the Fund approved him.

Based out of San Antonio, he doesn’t have any direct competition, but similar companies do exist in other cities. Boxbee is another one and operates out of San Francisco. Makespace has been working out of New York City, but is looking to expand in to other cities soon.


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