The Case of the Missing Self Storage Facility Puppy Has a Happy Ending

Posted on Mar 10 2014 - 11:59pm by Winnie Hsiu

When you watch the news these days it is pretty easy to develop a cynical outlook on the world.  Whether it is one crime after another, dirty politicians, or some kind of tragedy befalling people somewhere it is easy to start thinking that there isn’t much if any good out there. Then there is the story of a young puppy that was stolen from a self storage facility.

It’s a heartbreaking tale. Zeke is a four-month old lab that lived with his owners at Eagle’s Nest Self Storage in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s one of those facilities where the managers live on site. Like all dogs Zeke needed to be let out the only problem was when his owners did early last week he never came back.

“We live here, it’s a business, you know the dog was well taken care of so you know it’s got to be somebody’s pet,” says Donna Reis, Zeke’s owner.

Did he run away? Was he hit? No—someone stole him. Upon reviewing the self storage facility’s security system they saw a person in what appeared to be a BMW pull up, open his door, and steal Zeke. 

Since they got the culprit on film it would have been pretty easy to threaten legal action and hunt him down, but instead they just pleaded for his safe return.

Kayla says, “We would be ecstatic if somebody brought him home and now that we know that somebody has him, we’re just hoping that they’ll be a Good Samaritan and say I just wanted to keep him safe and bring him back.”

As luck would have it there is a happy ending to this tale. Someone dropped Zeke off at a business in Omaha. A person there heard about the story, made the connection, and returned young Zeke to his owners.

So while there was a happy ending or Zeke and his owners there isn’t always one for other dogs and their owners. Sometimes owners have trouble paying for things that they need and taking care of their dogs. Lucky for them there are plenty of self storage facilities that like to help.

For example, last May Airport Self Storage in Salem, Oregon hosted a Dog License Amnesty Event for the Marion County Dog Services. People were given the chance to have late fees and violations excused, get their pets licensed, and receive discounted vaccinations.

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