The Cardboard Document Storage Box Gets Makeover

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 12:18pm by Holly Robinson

Sometimes people think that a box, is a box, is a box when it comes to boxes for moving. However, not all boxes are made equal. Banana boxes have too many holes and are too flimsy. Apple and orange boxes are sturdier with nice fitting lids. If a moldy apple or orange hasn’t been left in it, they make pretty good boxes for storage. But not for document storage. Boxes for document and record storage needs to be a particular size and shape.

Many self storage businesses sell document storage boxes in their offices and make a nice income from them. If your facility sells some, you might want to check out a new line of document storage boxes called BOXIE. BOXIE is an ergonomically designed lockable box for document storage. The boxes are tough and rip-resistant. They have handles that are curved and slanted to make picking up and carrying much easier. The boxes can also be easily locked. It is made from 65 percent recycled materials is 100 percent recyclable.

Will Scott established his company Blegalbloss (pronounced Blee-guhl-bloss) in 2011 and produces the BLOXIE boxes. Scott had previously owned a record management company. He realized that boxes hadn’t really changed in nearly 100 years. So, he set about redesigning the box to make it stronger and easier for people to carry. 

The handles are curved to naturally fit the shape of a hand. They are angled which helps to keep the box level when lifted. This reduces stress on the wrists, forearms, and shoulders. The lid of BOXIE boxes can be locked to the body of the box using the company’s ZipClips. The boxes are the most HIPAA and FACTA compliant on the market.

Scott feels that he has come up with a better design and his company now currently has about 45 patents pending and 10 patents already issued.

It’s interesting to note how the company got its name. When Will Scott’s daughter was two-years old, she liked the sound of this made-up word and used it all the time – especially when she was happy. Scott wanted to name his new company something brand new to convey that his products have evolved so much that there’s nothing like them. Informal testing confirmed that the name sounded upbeat and European which was what Scott wanted.

If you are interested in seeing these boxes to possibly add to your product line, either phone them at 888.848.4576 or send e-mail to

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