Thanks for the Memories Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 30 2013 - 7:23pm by Winnie Hsiu

Life is full of tons of experiences from little ones like enjoying a really good ice cream cone to bigger ones like getting your driver’s license. Everyone remembers things in their own special way. Some use pictures and others journals while some will find particular objects will bring back the memory of the time or place it came from.

All these things and more can be kept in one of the 50,000 plus self storage facilities across the country. It is essentially what they are there for. People hold onto many of these things because they hold special meaning for them. That’s what often makes them worth holding on to—not the face value of the object. 

Many self storage companies like to help people create memories as well as protect the ones that they have already made. At this time of year what better way to do it then to head to the ball park with your friends or family?

Storagemart, a self storage company with more than 130 facilities across the United States and Canada, wants to help people create some memories watching the Boys of Summer do what they do best and have a number of ticket giveaways planned for the summer. 

They recently gave away two set of four tickets (and the all-important parking pass) for Kansas City Royals fans to go see their favorite team play. All fan had to do in order to have shot to win was share one of their favorite baseball related memories on the company’s twitter feed.

Earlier in the month they gave a set of four tickets away to a Chicago Cubs or Milwaukee Brewers fan. All they had to do to have a chance to win was go to the company’s web page and vote for who they wants to see win the game between the two teams on April 9. All fans needed to do was click on a picture of their team’s ballpark.

Cubbies and Royals fans are not the only ones that can get in on the giveaway; Chicago White Sox fans can as well. These kinds of giveaways are only one of the many ways in which Storagemart tries to engage its clientele. 

Along with other types of giveaways the company is heavily involved in the community. Their most well-known endeavor is probably their ScholarSmarts Scholarship Program. For the spring and fall semester they give five $1000 scholarships based off the answers to two self storage related questions.

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