Technology is Really Taking Hold in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Nov 18 2013 - 11:28pm by John Stevens

At one time ocean going merchant vessels had large crews on board in order to operate the ship as it travelled from point A to point B. However, over time technology advanced to the point where 700 foot container ships could be efficiently operated by a skeleton crew of less than 20 people. Technology can do wonders like it has for shipping and is in the process of doing for the self storage industry as well.

Modern technology has allowed many types of businesses—self storage and otherwise—to operate with as few people as possible. Now you might think that a self storage facility does not need a lot of people to run in the first place, but with the help of the right technology it can be run by a small number of people rather efficiently.

Many self storage facilities have taken to using a form of self storage management software to make operations more efficient for managers and customer friendly. SiteLink is one of the leaders in creating software for the self storage and it recently celebrated a pretty big milestone—11,000 customers.

“We are excited about reaching this goal considering we stood at 10,000 customers just a little more than a year ago,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “Such growth reflects how quickly customers are embracing technology and why they select SiteLink to lower the cost of owning software and avoid the high cost of bundled services.”

With 11,000 customers around the world the company now serves over one sixth of all self storage facilities in the world (59,500 worldwide as of fourth quarter of 2012 according to the Self Storage Association). 

As the industry expands over seas the reach that technology has will as well.  For example, recently member of the self storage industry in Latin America met in Brazil for the first industry expo of its kind in South America, the Brasilian Self Storage Group Expo 2013.

One of its organizers, David Blum, had this to say:

“After 9 years working in the Brazilian Market it was amazing to see this overwhelming turnout. With the gracious support of The Storage Group we advertised, collected fees, managed attendees and delivered far more than anyone could have hoped for. On to next year!”

One of the other organizers, the Storage Group (the maker of the first fully-integrated, online move-in platform known as ClickandStor), was proud to announce that it would be expanded its internet based products and services into Brazil.

So the tech guys must be right—the geek really will inherit the Earth (or at least the self storage industry)!

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