Support From Within Important in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 9:59pm by Winnie Hsiu

Self storage companies are well-known for supporting their communities and giving back to numerous charities. There are some companies that make charitable work a cornerstone of their business by paying employees when they volunteer at a local charity for a given number of hours. As important as this is to them, they don’t forget what matters most—taking care of each other.

Taking care of others is great, but self storage facilities have to make sure they take care of themselves first professionally and personally. If the business does not remain vibrant and the people that work there vibrant as well then the charity work will be short lived—much like the business!

There are many ways in which the self storage industry can support itself from within. For example, the Self Storage Association has a program geared towards helping self storage employees and their kids with their personal development through a scholarship program. 

“A number of the board members were involved in their own scholarship program on a smaller scale, and we looked at this as an opportunity to make it much more far ranging. The intent is to get the fund to a size that it is sustained for the long haul. We want to reach as many families as we can,” said Phyllis McArthur (who is on the Foundation Board).

Helping employees reach their educational goals can only help the industry. Knowing their children can reach their educational goals will give employees comfort and peace of mind as well.

Of course, if businesses do not remain strong then they can’t donate to the SSA scholarship fund. That is where industry related educational efforts come in hand.

For example, the Texas Self Storage Association has provided members with educational webinars in the past, but typically at a cost to the user. As of January 1 the TSSA quit charging members for these webinars.

We want to make it as easy as possible for members to access the education they might need to run a successful self storage business in Texas,” said TSSA board president Mark A. Skeans. 

The TSSA plans on holding as many as 11 webinars throughout the year. If you can’t participate when one is being held that is okay; webinars are archived for members in good standing to use at a later date.

“We strive to focus on topics members tell us are important to them,” said TSSA Executive Director Ginny Sutton.  “These archived webinars exist strictly to educate members, not to sell anything to them.”  

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