Summer of Sequels Starts in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 9:13pm by Kim Kilpatrick

People like remakes, reboots, and updated editions of things besides movies as well pretty much because in one way, shape, or form they are expected to be better. Such is the case with the new edition—the sequel or reboot if you will—of

No, it’s not a video game based off the Storage Wars reality show, but a new and improved edition of an up and coming segment of the self storage industry—online lien auctions.

Auctions are a regrettable part of the business since it means that someone has failed to pay their bill for any of a variety of reasons. They have proven to be a business unto themselves spawning reality television shows and websites dedicated to helping find self storage auctions in their area (among other things).

With the Electronic Age being what it is it is only natural that more and more business (of all kinds) be conducting online—so why not self storage auctions? As inviting as the idea of going to one may be actually travelling to one takes time not to mention dealing with the weather, other people, having enough money…

The list of excuses not to go could go on and on so why not avoid all of them and just hold the auctions online?

And from logic like that was born.

In the short time that they have been operational they have grown to include over 3500 storage facilities among their clientele. With so many facilities signed up (and more likely to do the same) it is only natural that the site work on making itself better; not because it is doing anything wrong, but so it can become better and entice other facilities into signing up.

“Our online self-storage auction platform has been embraced and accepted by the industry as a whole,” says President and CEO James Grant. “As we continue to grow and stay in the forefront of our industry, our members have given us some wonderful suggestions and recommendations for improving our auctions. We have taken these ideas and implemented them into our second version of” 

Essentially what the company has done is upgrade its current site so that I can provide enhanced services to its growing client base. It’s an idea not unlike what Hollywood does every year with many of the movies it makes or what popular video games do when they come out with new editions every year.

It’s all about taking something good and making it better. When it comes to the business world—self storage or otherwise—there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to do that!

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