Study Shows Four Key Factors for Self Storage Facilities to Increase Sales

Posted on Mar 31 2014 - 11:50pm by John Stevens

People love reliability. It isn’t always sexy and it doesn’t mean you are going to be a superstar, but if you take the reliable road the chances are whatever you are trying to do will work. Of course, the trick is figuring out what that reliable road is. A recent study thinks it has succeeded in figuring out what that is for the self storage industry.

When it comes to the self storage industry everyone is selling the same thing—space. Whether you just need a room or something that is climate controlled or for a specialized purpose most facilities will be able to accommodate a potential tenants needs. The trick to higher occupancy is giving people what they want along with their ‘space.’

And you have to make them believe they have it in your facility when they call.

What is it? According to a study by Marchex Inc, a mobile advertising company that specializes in helping companies that count on driving sales through phone calls, when potential customers ask about security, climate control, and privacy 70 percent of the time they are going to want to rent a self storage unit.

“In our analysis of more than 20,000 phone calls, it was clear that storage facilities aren’t just a place to stash and forget about your spare belongings,” said John Busby, SVP of the Marchex Institute. “People really value safety, protection and privacy when choosing where to store their stuff.”

So if you have those three bases covered when people call there is a good chance your sales will see some improvement. Of course the fourth factor is the most important and hardest to fulfill—answering the phone.

If they call and you don’t answer the phone it is kind of hard to tell them you have everything they need. As easy as it may seem to have someone available to answer every call it isn’t for small business owners and single facility owners.

“The self-storage industry is dominated by small business owners, and many of them don’t have the capacity to field calls all day,” Busby said. “This data can at least tell owners the most appropriate times to staff phone lines and, more specifically, what features their employees should be ready to answer questions about.”

According to the study a facility needs to have someone ready to answer the phone during the morning hours when 68 percent of callers want to make an appointment to come in. By time the afternoon and evening hours roll around the probability drops down to 32 percent.

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