Stow-A-Way Mini Storage to Participate in Fundraiser for Toddler with Rare Condition

Posted on Jan 27 2012 - 2:15pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Many owners and managers of self storage facilities participate in charitable projects to help out members in their community who are less fortunate than others. They collect toys at Christmas time, establish reading rooms, and hold yard sales and give the proceeds to a children’s hospital. Stow-A-Way Mini Storage in Sandy, Oregon, is no exception and is reaching out and helping a toddler in their community.

Myiah Lowry, a four-year-old-girl, has a rare condition called Rett syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a neurological brain disorder that usually affects just girls. It is caused by a mutation on the X chromosome. Around the age of eighteen months, children affected with this disease lose communication skills, the growth of their head slows, and they have repetitive hand washing movements, develop seizures, have irregular breathing and cry inconsolably.

Currently, Myiah wears a brace on her arm (to prevent her from bending her elbow) so she won’t chew her hands. She wears orthotics on both feet and ankles. She displays symptoms of cerebral palsy epilepsy, and autism.

In 1954, Dr. Andreas Rett, a pediatrician in Vienna, Austria, noticed that two patients who were in his waiting room made the same repetitive hand-washing motion. He compared their medical histories and discovered they were very similar. Because he was the first to write about the symptom in medical journals, the disease was named after him.

A local senior in high school, Rebecca Woodcock, wants to do something to help Myiah and her family. Along with her mother, Rebecca is collecting items for a rummage sale. She is asking people to donate items that she could sell. People can donate furniture, household items, clothing, or anything that could be of value to others. Items will be stored in a unit at Stow-A-Way Mini Storage.

This fundraiser is Rebecca’s senior project. She is required to present her project to adults in the community and to her entire senior class.  She will also present it to her church where she and Myiah’s mother are members.  Part of her project will include creating a poster with a photo of Myiah and the story of Myiah’s short life.

The rummage sale will be held on February 4th, 2012, at the Sandy Community Center, 38348 Pioneer Blvd. It will go from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Proceeds will pay for some therapy for Myiah.

Our hats off to Stow-A-Way storage for participating in this worthwhile service project. Myiah and her family will appreciate it very much.

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