Announces Pay-Per-Result Pricing for Self-Storage Companies

Storage Seeker, an online self-storage facility search directory, announced last week that it is changing its pricing structure in an attempt to become more affordable for smaller self-storage companies that sign up for its services. While most storage directories charge a monthly subscription fee to list premium information about a storage facility, Storage Seeker will now give its customers the option to pay based on the number of storage Unit quote requests that they receive from prospective tenants through Storage Seeker. Quote Requests are requests from interested tenants to find out about prices of self-storage units and available sizes. 

Storage Seeker’s management feels that this option will be valuable to small businesses, because its Quote Requests are high quality tenant leads. Storage Seeker’s Quote Requests are not provided to multiple facilities at once, but are generated for individual businesses at particular locations. 

Businesses that subscribe to Storage Seeker’s Pay-Per-Result pricing plan will be provided with Premium Listing pages that are identical to the ones provided to businesses that choose a monthly subscription option. Potential self-storage customers viewing either listing will be provided with information about the facility’s features, prices, pictures, and contact information. If they choose to, they can then contact the business directly by phone, email, or by showing up in person. This means that a Pay-Per-Result company will still receive some free advertising from Storage Seeker, paying for the service only when a tenant chooses to contact the business through Storage Seeker’s Quote Request system. 

Storage Seeker’s system also allows prospective tenants to view self-storage facilities side by side, comparing their features, prices, and distance from the tenant. It also generates a map, showing tenants where different self-storage facilities are located relative to each other. Storage Seeker argues that a monthly subscription will also work well for businesses, since it pays for itself with just one rental. 

In addition to its search engine allowing prospective tenants to find self-storage facilities located near them, Storage Seeker also offers a storage size guide to help consumers estimate how much storage space they will need depending on how much they are storing or how many rooms they need to clean out in their homes. 

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