StorageMart Announces the Winner of “Draw My Favorite Teacher” Contest

Posted on Dec 5 2012 - 6:12pm by Tony Gonzalez

Throughout the years, there have been many very close elections. For example, in 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes won the electoral vote for president of the United States over Samuel J. Tilden by one vote. In 1796, John Adams won by a mere 3 electoral votes.

Similar to these close races, StorageMart recently held a contest that was extremely close. The winner led by the narrow margin of just 2 votes.  Ms. Gutman of Public School 172 in Brooklyn, New York, was voted the grand prize winner of StorageMart’s contest “Draw My Favorite Teacher.”

Ms. Gutman will receive a check for $500 to spend on her classroom in any way she wants. Her school will get a storage unit filled with school supplies valued at more than $3,000. The student who drew the winning picture will get a pizza party for the entire class. StorageMart will present the award in a school assembly on Friday, December 14th.

Runners up in the contest include Ms. Rios from P.S 172, Ms. Safford from P.S. 67, and Mr. Segarro from P. S. 20. Each runner up will get a check for $100 to use to purchase items for their classroom.

“Draw My Favorite Teacher” was opened to all of the K-5 public schools in the Brooklyn area. Over 500 pictures were submitted. Eight semi-finalists were chosen and the pictures were posted on StorageMart’s Facebook page. The public then voted on the pictures.

“StorageMart has supported students seeking higher education through our ScholarSmarts program for several years,” said StorageMart Interactive Marketing Director, Sarah Little. “Extending that support to public school teachers is an honor to us.

“The idea started when a teacher from a small school in New Bloomfield, MO approached us with a sponsorship opportunity to fund a smartboard purchase that couldn’t fit into the school’s budget. I was inspired by this teacher’s personal commitment to his students and the time and initiative he put into improving their education. There are teachers like him in every community, going beyond the call of duty because they want what’s best for their students. The ‘Draw My Favorite Teacher’ contest was created because we wanted to give back to teachers and at the same time enable students to be the mouthpiece for thanking them.”

The response to this contest was overwhelming. This proved to StorageMart that this was a winning idea. They will look into the possibility of extending this contest to their other 130 facilities around the United States and Canada.

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