Storage Zone in Tallahassee Swamped with Reservations

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 10:12pm by Winnie Hsiu

Everybody loves a success story. Especially when the success is huge – so huge, in fact, that the cops were called because things got so tense.

Storage Zone has facilities in Tallahassee, Florida. Besides having lots of sunshine, Tallahassee has lots of college students because it is the home of Florida State University.

There is generally a flurry of activity at Storage Zone in August because those college students are returning to the university and they need storage space. This year, the demands from the students skyrocketed Storage Zone into the outer stratosphere.

Storage Zone just signed up four facilities in Tallahassee with SpareFoot. Management thought that being listed through SpareFoot was a good idea – but they had no idea how inundated their facilities would be with reservations requests. They expected a trickle of just a handful of reservations per facility. What really happened was that Storage Zone was flooded with reservation requests. Tons of them.

The Storage Zone facility on Pensacola Street received 123 reservations alone. All four of the facilities got almost 300 reservations. One manager, Jeff Cornish, describe the situation as being “intense. He said that he has been in the storage business for decades and he has never seen a weekday where his facility had a line out the door.

His facility wasn’t able to keep up with the demand. So, he temporarily had the SpareFoot listing turned off.

The Storage Zone location on Crawfordville Highway experience the same mad rush. In previous years, that facility had only gotten a small handful of student renters. However, after listing the facility with SpareFoot, students realized just how close the facility was to the university. And they flocked in.

Two things helped Storage Zone’s listing with SpareFoot to be so successful. One was that the listings had promotions, reviews, and photos. Of these three features, photos are what really make a difference. Prospective renters like to see what the facility looks like before they make an online reservation.

The second thing that really helped Storage Zone was that they conducted follow-up calls after a prospective customer expressed an interest in reserving a unit. When facilities follow up quickly they will have a higher move-in rate.  SpareFoot’s data shows that if a follow-up call is made within 10 minutes, the move-in rate goes up 7.4 percent.

However, at one point, follow-ups got too difficult to do because of the huge demand. That huge demand became so intense that one man called the police when there weren’t any more units left at one of the locations. Luckily, the police never showed up.

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