Storage Wars TV Show Inspired Creation of Thrift Shop

Posted on May 13 2014 - 7:54pm by Tony Gonzalez

Everybody knows about the Storage Wars TV show. That show has increased the general public’s awareness of auctions held at self storage facilities. This awareness brings more people to those auctions, which is good for the self storage facility. There are lots more people willing to bid and buy the contents of a unit during an auction allowing self storage owners to recoup some of the unpaid rent.

Owners and managers of self storage facilities have financially benefited from the increased attendance at their auctions. But, there’s another side of this coin. Some people who buy the content of a storage unit re-sell them to make their living. Let’s look at the story of one man who has a business based on his purchases from storage unit auctions.

Brian Donahue from Bethel, Connecticut, became addicted to watching the TV shows “Storage Wars” and “Pawn Brokers.” After going to a few auctions, he decided to create a business out of selling things that he purchased in the auctions. Last year, he started his business and called it Suited Connections. After one year, he is now expanding his business.

Donahue rented space for his business on the backside of a building. Because he couldn’t fit all the things he bought from auctions in the space that he had, he moved his business to the front of the building. Now, he has more space (5,200 square feet) and is more visible from the road. He shares space with another business – Danbury Action Sports, which is a paintball supplier.

Many people don’t realize the hard work that comes from buying items in an auction. Most of the time, the storage unit has to be clean out within 24 hours. Donahue has to pack everything up and haul it to his store, sort it, organize it, and price and tag it.

In addition to selling the items in his store, Donahue often takes the more interesting items to local flea markets that are held on weekends. This means more work of loading up the items, setting up a booth, setting out his wares, and then taking down everything at the end of the day and taking it back to his store.

He sells a wide variety of items in his store. He recently acquired a storage unit that was full of Coco-Cola memorabilia, which are now for sale in his store. He also has antique Tonka and Hess trucks, camping gear, electronics, tools, furniture, and photography equipment.

Suited Connectors recently held a grand opening that celebrated its move to its new location in addition to being in business for one year. Donahue gave a 20% discount on all of the merchandise and 25% off for all of the Bethel Chamber of Commerce members.

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