Storage Post Self Storage Now Offers Wi-Fi

Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 2:43pm by John Stevens

Every self storage business looks for ways to improve and increase the services that they offer their customers. Years ago, they didn’t sell boxes or packing material. Today, they do. Storage Post Self Storage has recently added a service that is new to their customers – free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Storage Post Self Storage has added Wi-Fi access at each of their locations nationwide. They feel that this convenience ensures that customers will have a smooth storage experience.

People have come to expect easy access to the Internet throughout their day. This service facilitates better relations between the business and its customers. It also offers the business a competitive advantage over other similar businesses in the area who do not offer it. Recently some businesses with free Wi-Fi are starting to notice increased overall sales.

Not sure if having free Wi-Fi will be good for your business? Why not ask your customers and find out? Take an informal poll of your long-term customers. Ask them if they own a Wi-Fi enabled device (tablet, iPad, smart phone) and ask how likely they would be to use the service if you had free Wi-Fi.

If the results from your pole indicates that a significant number of your customers would use it, you might want to consider having it for a trial period, say for 90 days.  After it is set up, monitor its usage to determine whether the usage is worth the cost incurred.

Storage Post Information Technology Manager Tom Walker commented, “We know that providing Wi-Fi access is going to make a big impact with our customers. Providing internet connection is a critical amenity for our visitors – whether it’s so they can manage their Storage Post accounts or to set up deliveries to their Storage Post location.”

Storage Post is a leader in developing a variety of amenities for its customers. On Long Island, the company offers a free customer shuttle. They have a minivan that picks up renters from the train station by the Midtown tunnel, takes them to the Long Island facility, and then takes them back to the train station.

They also have other helpful services. Customers can manage their account and pay their bill online. Several of their facilities have business centers for the busy professionals who need a work station to carry out their business.

Storage Post is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Led by Bruce C. Roch, Jr., they have facilities throughout the East Coast

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