Storage One Self Storage Seeks Rezoning to Build a New Facility

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 7:51pm by Holly Robinson

The Violet Township Board of Trustees held a meeting to consider rezoning some property to allow Storage One Self Storage to build a facility in their township. Local residents and those from a neighboring subdivision in the city of Pickerington attended to express both support and opposition to the zoning change.
Storage One Self Storage seeks to build a 97,00 square-foot, 519-unit facility on the western part of some property in Violet Township. There will be 10 buildings that will be 15.6 feet tall. They also propose to build a six-foot tall vinyl picket fence along the southeast corner of the property.
Jeff Vandervoort, attorney for Storage One Self Storage, indicated that the property already has a commercial classification. The property has been zoned for commercial use since 1996. All that would be needed to allow Storage One to build on the parcel of land is just a small amendment. Vandervoort said that the amendment would not have a significant impact on anything.
Some residents were not pleased with the proposed building. They expressed concerns that normally come up in situations like this. One concern was about traffic. They felt that there would be an increase in traffic flow in what is mostly a residential neighborhood.

However, traffic should not be a big concern. Many self storage facilities typically have less than 30 people a day come to their storage unit. That is far less than what a convenience store has. That type of business often has up to 1,000 customers a day.
People also expressed concerns about safety and noise and light pollution. Vandervoort explained that the facility will be highly secure, have with insular lighting, and that there would be very little noise.

Today’s technology helps combat those concerns. For safety issues, many facilities have electronic gates that require customers to enter in codes before they have access to enter the facility. Many facilities also have 24-hour security cameras.
Residents also expressed a concern that their property value would go down. In defense of the self storage business, resident Rocco Sabatino said that the storage facility would be one of the least intrusive things that could be built on the property. He also said that it would not negatively impact anyone’s property values.

Vandervoort pointed out that the facility will bring in more than $56,000 annually in tax dollars. Residents should consider the advantage of the added tax dollars to the city’s budget.
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