Storage Facilities Going Green By Helping Recycle and Educate or Building in an Eco-Friendly Way and Assessing Environmentally-Friendly Practices

Posted on Dec 28 2010 - 9:23am by John Stevens

Another storage facility has just joined the eco-friendly club by offering recycling services as other storage businesses are converting to green practices such as solar paneling and assessing their level of sustainability.

Budget Self Storage, headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL., announced Monday that it is going to promote a green program that will help the environment by providing nearby residents an easy way to recycle. The storage facility – in business for the past 20 years – is now an official drop-off location for the recycling and approved disposal of computers, cell phones, and other electronics. As an added bonus, it is offered free to the public, not just renters. Budget Self Storage has more than 40 storage facilities in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ontario, serving both residential and commercial clients.

Within the past year, Thornwood Self Storage Center (TSSC) located in Thornwood, NY, became Westchester County’s first eco-friendly storage facility by partnering with the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) which raises the awareness of good environmental practices by working with schools to educate students and enhance curriculum. TSSC donates a portion of each month’s rentals to CELF’s Ecological Footprinting Program in which elementary and middle school students complete environmental surveys on their schools. The outcome is an education in the issues surrounding sustainability practices and how humans can impact the environment. TSSC also reaches out to the community by hosting on-site seminars on recycling and other ecological issues in conjunction with CELF. TSSC set a precedent when it was converted from a health club. Ninety-five percent of the building was reused and construction debris was recycled and reclaimed. The conversion of the building also cut traffic congestion, thereby reducing car emissions by 80 percent. In another impressive move, the storage facility owners decided to power the building with 405 roof-top solar panels that provides about 50 percent of the energy needs.

Getting on the eco-bandwagon as a storage facility, for the most part, involves solar panels, which are considered the mainstream option for storage business owners who want to go green. Solar technology is always progressing and it is becoming more affordable and easier to install. Rebates and tax incentives from the government also make it an attractive option. Operating programs like Budget Self Storage’s recycling program or TSSC’s eco-education program also help in the green crusade. And in this environmentally-conscious public atmosphere, customers are attracted to storage facilities making an effort to save the environment.

Fact is, many storage facilities across the country are going green, building with sustainable materials and powering their facilities in eco-friendly ways. There is a program available that promotes and measures sustainable practices so a storage facility owner can self assess his level of environmental friendliness. The Self Storage Company offers a program dubbed “Make Yourself Green” to encourage owners and operators of self storage facilities to become ecofriendly and proactive in adopting practices that make their facilities green. Behind the Self Storage Company’s effort is the belief that the planet’s natural resources are being strained by a growing population. The self-administered program, which includes a self-assessment scorecard, can be downloaded from the Web. Scores are based on four areas: energy usage, water usage, recycling and paper usage, and cleaning and disposal. Going about these practices in an ecofriendly way can attract more customers, reduce operating costs and therefore increase profitability, stand out among the competition, and more.

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