“Storage 24” Now Coming to U.S. Theaters!

Posted on Jan 14 2013 - 8:57pm by Tony Gonzalez

The self storage industry has long been a player on the silver screen and on television. From small roles to larger roles, self storage units and entire facilities have been in a number of hit television shows as well as major motion pictures. There have even been a few where the majority of the film was located within the gates of a self storage facility!

One of the more recent cinematic efforts to include the self storage industry has been making the rounds overseas, but has now made its way over to the United States.

Storage 24” is a British film that was actually released overseas in the UK and Ireland back on June 29. Over the next several months the film opened in France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, and several locations in the Middle East. The film is now out in limited release in the United States; it will open next weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

The concept is not an entirely new one; it has been compared to a low-budget Aliens set in a self storage. Based in London, it opens on the heels of a military cargo plane crashing in the city. The plane happens to crash near a self storage facility and in the aftermath a group of people are trapped inside a self storage facility.    

Inside the facility are four friends that are breaking up so they are emptying their self storage unit and dividing the contents up amongst each other. Sure enough one of the “things” that the plane was carrying starts to hunt them.

Self storage facilities have often been in movies and television shows, but not too often as part of the basis of the movie. Doing a film where it was came to screenwriter and producer Noel Clarke around three years ago.

“…For work, my wife had to go to… a storage facility with yellow doors…I’d have to drive her and she’d be doing stuff there and I’d walk around the corridors, waiting. I always thought it was so freaky and thought, ‘I’d love it if there was a film set in one of these places. That’s where the idea came from.”

He isn’t alone in his perception of the self storage industry. A U.S. company, Woodhaven Productions, recently wrapped up a film titled “Self Storage”. In it a group of friends are home from college and decide to party one night at the local self storage facility with their buddy who happens to be one of the security guards. 

They end up witnessing something they shouldn’t have, but when they try to leave—well, that becomes easier said than done.

So next time you drive by a self storage facility and see cameras it may not be another episode of Storage Wars—it could be the next hit movie!

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