Stock N Lock Self Storage Hires Teen Apprentice

Posted on May 30 2014 - 8:07pm by Winnie Hsiu

Everybody isn’t cut out to go to a college or a university. An alternative route toward employment needs to be taken instead because everyone still needs skills and qualifications that will enable them to get a job to support themselves. Here’s a story about a teen that successfully completed an apprenticeship and was rewarded with a full-time job.

Seventeen-year-old Robert Tonks is from Malvern, Worcestershire, England. He enrolled in a Leaping Man Professional Qualifications vocational training program. For the past eight months, he worked as an apprentice working with Stock N Lock Self Storage. (He is one of only three people doing an apprenticeship in the self storage industry in the UK.)

His training taught him the ins and outs of the self storage industry. He especially focused on the core principles of customer service and business administration. (These skills will especially help him when he has the opportunity to become a self storage manager.) Now, only eight months after starting his apprenticeship, Stock N Lock offered him – and he accepted – a full time position at their facility in Lower Wick, Worcester.

The self storage industry is a fairly new one in the UK. So, Tonks is getting in on the ground floor with the industry and now has the opportunity to have a long career in it.

Tonks enjoyed his apprenticeship and recommends it to others who might be interested. He said that he has learned the ‘best practices’ in the industry, has learned business skills, and even got his license to drive a forklift.

Rennie Schafer, chief executive of the Self Storage Association UK commended Stock N Lock for allowing Tonks to have an apprenticeship with their business. Since there are very few apprentices in the self storage industry in the UK, Stock N Lock has become a leader and has set an example that other self storage businesses can follow.

Leaping Man Professional Qualifications is one of the UK’s largest and most successful providers of work related vocational training. They help young people get work skills and qualifications in a fraction of the time that they would have spent by going to a university for a degree.

The Stock N Lock facility in Worcester is a brand new three-story building. It has 44,000 square feet and has 680 units ranging in size from 10 square feet up to 300 square feet.

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