Sprucing up Your Image is Never a Bad Thing in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 27 2013 - 2:48pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Image is everything. That is what pretty people and ad executives the world over want us to believe. They don’t want us to hear the other old saying about how it’s what inside that matters most. When it comes to the business world—self storage or otherwise—both sayings are actually true. Sometimes it just takes the right executive and a little sprucing up to see that to see that you are better off with both rather than just one.

It is easy to take the ugliest of presents, wrap it in the most beautiful paper imaginable, and try to pass it off as the best gift ever. Right up until the present is unwrapped the recipient will believe that he/she is getting something pretty fantastic. However, the facade is quickly discovered once the wrapping paper comes off.

The right marketing efforts can do the same thing, but at the same time the right marketing campaign can accentuate the positives of a business and help it put its best foot forward for the public to see.

Storage Post Self Storage is hoping that it has tabbed the right person to do that for them in Carol O’Kelley, its new Chief Marketing Officer.

“Carol brings a track record of success as a strategy and marketing professional in high-growth segments. We have great confidence in her ability to take the Storage Post brand to the next level. Her background complements the experience of our existing executive leadership, and thereby enhances the strength of the Storage Post team. We are looking forward to this partnership,” Storage Post CEO Bruce Roch said.

Changing leadership and/or changing style or image does not necessarily mean that the old way was failing or not any good. It just means that the company has decided that a new person or new face for the franchise is in order to get things to the next level. Sometimes a change is needed for the sake of sprucing things up a bit.

For example, take the rebranding effort that Stor-All Storage, a self storage company with 43 storage locations in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado, has been engaged in. For months the company has been steadily working on rebranding its entire image by coming up with a new slogan, revamping the company’s website, and even giving its moving trucks a facelift.

 “We are very excited to be in the last steps of our rebranding campaign and feel that it directly reflects our message of being a goodness driven family business. We have worked hard to make sure that each piece of this campaign not only portrays the values and message of Stor-All but, creates a fresh new personality in the self storage industry,” Alex Pinard, Creative Director for Stor-All said.

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