Sponsoring Sports a Good Way to Get Great Exposure

Posted on Apr 27 2011 - 10:54pm by John Stevens

Most of us have either played little league baseball or Pop Warner football or now have kids of our own that play one or both of those sports (or something else). The one thing that every single kid on the playing field had in common was (besides the love of the game) that somewhere on their uniform was the name of someone’s company/business.

Typically the company that has their name on the jerseys bought them or at least provided the club with the funds they needed in order to get them. In exchange, the company was allowed to put their name on the jersey.

The purpose for the company, besides trying to do a good deed within the community, is two-fold. The company gets to use the money donated as a tax write off. With their name on the jersey the kids are walking advertisements. How better to engender goodwill to the local populace than to show your support for local sports?

The same concept applies when companies support professional sports as well (except without the tax break). A great way for millions of people to see a company’s name is for it to be on the sleeve or back of an athlete adored by millions. That is exactly what the good people at SmartStop Self Storage had in mind when they signed on with the 2011 Team Mountain Khakis (TMK) cycling team to be the group’s presenting sponsor.

“Professional cycling is a relatively underappreciated sport in America and TMK does a fantastic job of giving young riders the experience and the resources they need to pursue their dreams,” said H. Michael Schwartz, chairman and CEO of Strategic Storage Trust, Inc. (of which SmartShop Self Storage is the retail brand of.

“One of our core values as a company is giving back from our success. When we saw the opportunity to step up and sponsor the team, getting involved and lending our support made sense. And it didn’t hurt that we have a number of cycling enthusiasts in our company who were already following the team.”

The funds allow the racing team to expand their travel budget and enter into more races as well as improve their marketing efforts in search of additional funding or future riders. Along with expanding their marketing efforts and entering additional races, they are promoting SmartShop Self Storage as well.

“…Having SmartStop as our presenting sponsor enables us to increase the number of races we can target, and many of those will be in places SmartStop may not have reached otherwise…,” explained Pat Raines, founder and managing partner of Team Mountain Khakis.

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