Specialization Can Help Your Self Storage Facility Stand Out

Posted on Oct 19 2011 - 5:37pm by Holly Robinson

The purpose behind the self storage industry is pretty clear. It is intended to provide people with a place to store whatever they need after their home or office has run out of room. As the business has evolved through the years, just providing people with a basic storage room is not enough to be a successful business.

Many self storage businesses have come to offer certain amenities in order to differentiate themselves from the completion. One would be hard pressed to find a self storage facility that does not have climate controlled units available and packing supplies on sale. Plenty of them will also have a truck you can use to help move your stuff or will have ones you can rent.

While amenities like the aforementioned are becoming commonplace, there are some companies that have decided to go the extra mile by offering storage facilities that are especially suited for certain things like collectibles, wine, and records.

Even as electronic readers become more affordable, there will be some that will always like the idea of curling up with an actual book. When those people move or downsize their living arrangements, the last thing they want is for their precious book collection to be damaged due to temperature fluctuations or improper storage. 

The Lock Up Self Storage prides itself on being able to provide book collectors the ideal place to store their treasured volumes. By setting the unit to the proper climate, extreme weather is no longer a problem. Sun light and pests can destroy books as well. When in storage they will be out of direct sunlight in a pest free unit. 

In August, LifeStorage Centers in the Chicago area started specializing in storing records for businesses.

“It was a natural fit for us to adopt record storage into our business plan,” said Matt Clark, Vice President of Operations for LifeStorage. “We are expanding our storage options and services to better accommodate our clients’ needs and lead the charge in changing how records storage management is utilized.”

A number of self storage facilities have taken to helping people store a product that accounts for roughly $30 billion in annual sales–wine. Some storage companies like Store Wine Storage and International Wine Storage have made it the focus of their business. Depending on the facility, tenants can rent enough space for a few prized bottles or space to hold a few special cases.

To make wine storage even better, many facilities will offer a special room for wine tasting and will often through special wine tasting parties. If you just want to open up a bottle and enjoy a good glass you can do that too.

“We have a corkscrew,” an agent from International Wine Storage said.


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