SpareFoot Awarded Best Small Employer in Austin

Posted on Nov 19 2013 - 12:25pm by Holly Robinson

The SpareFoot culture is becoming to the self storage industry what the Google culture is to the Internet. That culture can be summed up in one word: great! The Top Workplaces program named SpareFoot as the Austin area’s best small employer.

“In 2013, this is the third program that has recognized SpareFoot as an exceptional place to work,” said Chuck Gordon, co-founder and CEO of SpareFoot. “At SpareFoot, we pride ourselves on working hard and playing hard, and on creating a company culture that values and embraces everybody. Every day, we strive to keep SpareFoot a great place to work.”

WorkplaceDynamics LLP conducted a survey that was sent only to SpareFoot employees. (WorkPlace Dynamics conducts regional programs and have recognized 150 top workplaces in the nation.) The results of the survey were the common voice of the employees that skyrocketed SpareFoot to the top.

“Our leadership treats us phenomenally,” one SpareFoot employee told WorkplaceDynamics, “and they understand the importance of hiring great people. This is seriously the best place I’ve ever worked.”

Todd McKinnon wrote in Forbes that leaders directly impact a company’s culture. They should embody the type of company that the leaders want it to be. If customer service is the be all end all, then the company’s leadership should put it front and center in their company vision, goals, and behaviors. With that in mind, Top Workplace gave Chuck Gordon a special award for leadership.

“He is a fantastic motivator, and really sets the tone for our corporate culture,” one SpareFoot employee said of Gordon in the WorkplaceDynamics survey. “He also is very open and transparent about what’s happening at the company. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is looped in on what’s happening at the company.”

Two UCLA students, Chuck Gordon and Mari Feghali, founded SpareFoot in 2008. They are a start-up company backed by great venture capital investors both in Austin, Texas, and in Silicon Valley. They have an online site of more than 6,500 facilities across the United States where people can rent storage units online.

Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s list, wrote in an article in the Huffington Post that every company has a culture and she likens it to a plot of land. The culture could be a ‘beautiful garden or a noxious weed patch.’ It all depends on how the company’s leaders ‘tend’ their culture.

The leadership at SpareFoot has cultivated a ‘beautiful garden.’ They hire great people – and then create a company culture where dedication, enthusiasm, and excellence thrive.

Way to go, SpareFoot!

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