There Are All Sorts of Ways to Advertise in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jun 19 2014 - 11:52pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Building a business—self storage and otherwise—is tough enough, but getting it ready to open is the easy part. It’s much harder to actually get people to walk through the door. Without them it doesn’t matter how great anything is. You can’t sell or rent to people that are not there! 

So what’s a business to do? Advertise of course. 

In the self storage industry this can take any of a number of forms. Some will make commercials, but since most are small-business owners they don’t always have it in the budget. So it’s a good thing that there are many other ways to get the word out.

Lots of companies will turn to contest. People see something they really want that they can get for free and they are prone to taking notice. For example, in Des Moines Storage Mart has teamed up with the Des Moines Music Coalition to give away five weekend passes to a local music festival, the 80/35 Festival.

All people have to do in order to become eligible is tag themselves in the special 80/35 image the company created and post it to Facebook. On June 25 five entries will randomly drawn and awarded a pair of passes for the weekend.

Giveaways and contest are pretty common in the self storage industry, but the World Wide Web has opened the door to a whole new world ripe with advertising potential. Now that much of the world owns some sort of hand held internet ready devise it only makes sense to do what one can online.

Many companies choose to go with a self storage aggregator; a virtual enhanced version of the Yellow Pages. Recently Synergy Storage Group decided to join forces with one of the oldest aggregators in the business

“ has a simple pricing model and programs that are easy to understand,” said James Gail, President and sole shareholder of Synergy Storage Group. “This is a great opportunity for increased exposure for all of the properties under contract with us”.

Along with the aforementioned ideas there are awards. What makes them great is that they do not require self storage facilities to do anything other than what they are already doing. When they receiver their award the ensuing press coverage doubles as free advertising!

And who doesn’t like free advertising!


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