Sometimes You Have to Give in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 10:35pm by John Stevens

There are many reasons why people rent self storage units. Maybe they don’t want to get rid of some cherished mementos just yet. Maybe they have gotten married recently and find they now have two of a lot of things. Maybe they just need space or maybe they just need the time and ability to take a step back from life and figure out where there next move is first.

During the worst times of the last economic down turn some people found themselves in a position they never imagined they would be in. Here they are successful at work, loving where they live, and not looking to change anything anytime soon—but then they lose their job.

With no income coming in many are faced with the tough choice of having to downsize their living arrangements. They have to give up their space at home in order to help make ends meet, but instead of giving up their belongings they give them over to the care of a self storage facility.

People that rent a self storage unit for that reason are likely hoping that in time they will be able to build back up to be even better than before. The concept can be just as true in the business world too.           

Southern Self Storage probably understands this concept because they are pretty much living it. It was not that long ago that Southern Self Storage sold 21 of its self storage facilities to one of the larger real estate investment trusts. Now, after giving over (selling) the majority of the company’s facilities it appears that it is ready to begin its climb back to the top.

The company recently completed the purchase of a self storage facility—formerly Village Self Storage—after selling 21 of its facilities.

“We are very excited to start up again,” says Marketing Manager Tresha Powe. “We believe it’s very appropriate that our first facility is located here in Florida where it all began. The Villages is a great area with rapidly growing communities and we look forward to growing with them while we serve their self-storage needs.”             

 Southern Self Storage has been around for some time. The Florida-based company first opened its doors in 1985. There is also a Canadian branch of the company that was established in 1994 in Ontario that is appropriately named Northern Self Storage.                                  

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