Solar Self Storage Facilities Becoming More Common

Posted on Aug 22 2011 - 7:20pm by Tony Gonzalez

The government has tried to slow the depletion of the ozone layer through regulation and by encouraging businesses to pursue environmentally friendly alternatives such as solar energy, something that a number of self storage facilities have taken advantage of in recent years.

A-1 Self Storage in New Mexico is one of the more recent companies to announce its transition from conventional power sources to solar panels. The company is having solar photovoltaic systems installed on all 16 self storage facilities in central New Mexico.

“We at A-1 Self-Storage are thrilled to be able to benefit the environment while enhancing our bottom line,” A-1 Managing Director Murray Brott said. “It’s a win-win situation for us as well as our community.”

The process of installing and maintaining solar panels is not a cheap one. With the help of federal, state tax credits and some renewable energy incentives offered locally, the company was able to reduce costs to the point where they foresee a return on investment of approximately seven years.

Daybreak Solar of Sante Fe will be installing the systems.

A-1 Self Storage is not the only company to convert facilities to solar energy. Access Self Storage in New Jersey took advantage of several rebates, federal, state, and local, to install them in a number of their facilities back in 2010.

“By installing solar panels we’re making a financial commitment that’s good for the environment and makes fiscal sense,” explained Access president James Greco. “These systems will help with the fight against global warming and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.”

Extra Space Self Storage, the second largest self storage company in the nation, recently announced a commitment to solar energy of an unprecedented scale. By the end of 2011 they aim to have approximately 30 of their facilities converted to solar energy with another 20,000 panels to be installed each year for the next four years.

The reason that Brent Hardy, Vice President of National Facilities for Extra Space Storage, gives for the aggressive initiative was a pretty simple one.

“Everyone has the ability to affect change,” Hardy said.

As more and more self storage companies convert to solar energy it is safe to say that the industry is doing its part for the environment and affecting change.

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