Solar Energy Provides Savings for Self Storage

Posted on Jun 24 2011 - 5:53pm by Holly Robinson

Generally when people talk about letting the sun shine in, they are just referring to opening the curtains of your home or office and letting a little natural light brighten up the immediate area. For some self storage facilities in New Jersey, letting the sun shine in is about to take on a whole different meaning altogether.

Extra Space Self Storage
has come to agreement with 1st Light Energy to have solar panels installed on all 21 of their self storage facilities in the New Jersey area.

“This agreement with Extra Space Storage is an example of the tremendous opportunities and benefits that currently exist for commercial businesses in New Jersey, such as owners of warehouses, factories and storage facilities, to use their roof tops to save on energy costs,” said Michael Allen, national sales director for 1st Light Energy.

Companies, self storage and otherwise, are constantly being harassed by special interest groups to become more environmentally responsible. Using solar energy has become an increasingly popular option that companies are taking to show they do care about the world that they live in. It also helps that the panels easily pay for themselves over time in reduced energy costs and maintenance as well as tax breaks.

“These benefits are not only fiscal, especially with existing federal and state tax incentives, but can also help to promote a company’s values and influence the way consumers and the public view their company,” Allen said.

Other self storage facilities in the New Jersey have already installed solar panels to reduce costs and save energy. One of the reasons that they note for converting to solar energy is the savings that will be enjoyed immediately and over time with the installation of the panels.

“By installing solar panels we’re making a financial commitment that’s good for the environment and makes fiscal sense,” explained Access president James Greco. “These systems will help with the fight against global warming and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.”

Many self storage companies are quick to agree with the general assessment of the benefits that solar energy can carry for their company and society in general.

“When you can do something that makes economic sense and support the environment, that’s always good,” English Creek’s owner, Nick Droboniku said.

Of course, when a self storage company does something for the environment like install solar panels, it makes the news giving the facility some great PR.

So basically with solar panels you get the chance to lower costs, benefit the environment, and increase your bottom line; sounds like a win/win situation.

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