Soccer and Self Storage Goes in Hand in Hand in the UK

Posted on Aug 3 2013 - 12:46am by Holly Robinson

There are some things that are meant to go together and there are some things that are not. Chocolate chip cookies and milk, steak and potatoes, Bert and Ernie, movies and popcorn—all clearly belong together. What about self storage and soccer? In the UK the answer would be a resounding yes!

In the United States the game of soccer is still growing, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned it is one of the most popular sports in existence. People in the UK especially love their soccer and why not since some of the best teams in the world– like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal to name a few—call the country home.

Just like it’s great for business—self storage and otherwise– in the United States to be associated with NFL teams, UK businesses can really benefit from being associated with the right soccer clubs. With the Premier League season preparing to kick off many are solidifying their relationship with their favorite team.

The Crystal Palace Football Club recently announced that Access Self Storage will be the season ticket and membership card sponsor for the coming season. On the back of season tickets and membership cards will be a discount offer fans can redeem at any of Access Self Storage facilities in the country.

“We continue to forge an excellent relationship with Access Self Storage and have done so over a number of years. I am delighted that we have been able to work together to provide our fans with a unique discounted offer, valid for the whole season, not just in the local area, but across all branches of Access stores across the UK,” said Kevin Miller, part of the commercial team of Crystal Palace.

They are not the only self storage company in the UK that sponsors a soccer club. BiG Storage has been a supporter of the Chester Football Club for going on four seasons now; ever since the club was formed back in 2010.

“We are delighted to have extended the deal and this season we are going to maximise every opportunity we can. Andrew Donaldson is very forward thinking and we share a number of the same ideas as to how far we can take this partnership,” Dave Riche, marketing and business development consultant for Chester FC, said.

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