Small Businesses Continue to Benefit from the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 6:22pm by Holly Robinson

In recent years economies around the world have been hurting, making people have to look outside of the box in order to make ends meet. This typically means trying to go into business for one self or become part of company/business that is on the rise (hopefully) and could benefit from someone with experience in need of work (and willing to take a salary cut). They need the experience and you need the job; its a win-win.

That is, assuming that the compnay can afford to stay afloat until it becomes profitable. One problem that many of these businesses have had to face is the costs of space. Commercial space for offices along can be costly for a start-up; the cost of warehousing and storage space can often be too much for some to handle. 

That is where the self storage industry has been more than happy to step in and help. Many small to medium sized business owners are learning that they can lower their storage/warehousing expenses rather significantly by using self storage units over commercial space or warehousing.

“A lot of our customers recently have been small businesses who find self storage a very simple and effective solution following the recession…,” says Keith Grant, Director of Flexistore, a self storage company with facilities in the UK. 

People all over the world are seeing the benefit to using self storage for their business needs. For example, since January of this year, a British expatriate by the name of Lyle de Groot has been making use of a storage unit in Chai Chee (in Singapore) to store the product for his online business that sells gourmet food, Expatfood He uses a unit at Lock+Store that is right around 500 square feet in size.

According to Helen Ng, the chief executive of Lock+Store, about one in e very four tenants were a small or medium sized business. She expects that number to increase by around 10 percent in the next year.

Storage space not only helps some small businesses get started, but it can also give business owners a place to go where they can concentrate on work and not have to deal with the many distractions at home.

“I like the quiet here,” says Anthony Leong, a small business owner in Singapore that has a unit at Extra Space Storage, in Asia One News. “I usually spend my time here cutting fabrics and thinking of new business ideas….I can’t really work at home because my three children may need my attention.”

Of course the main benefit when it comes to using a self storage unit over commercial warehousing is money.

“I was paying $1,900 a month for a space three buildings down and it was 1,150 square feet. Now it’s costing me $730,” said Al Mitamura, a monogram shop owner in Hawaii.

When it comes down to it, that’s what it is all about.

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