SiteLink Expands in Central and South America

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 7:57pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Writing code for a software program is not easy. It’s bad enough to debug it for problems. But, when your software program is used around the world, the difficulty with programming grows exponentially. SiteLink has faced – and conquered – those problems that come with creating software that is used in lots of different countries.

Created in 1996, SiteLink is the largest provider of management software for the self storage industry. They have expanded their customer base to Central and South America. This has been rather tricky. They now have a Portuguese and Spanish version of the program. They have had to program the software to include regional settings and a payment system based on the monetary system and tax laws in the countries in South and Central America.

At the beginning of November, the software company was chosen by the Self-Storage Association of Brazil to exhibit at the inaugural Expo in Sao Paulo. Attendees to the Expo came from Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama, and Chile.

This new customer base required changes to the company. SiteLink has extended their customer service hours and now have multi-lingual, in-house support staff that can support their clients worldwide.

SiteLink is positioned to expand its international presence. “Our global community of self-storage operators is an important part of our growth,” said Marcus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “We remain committed to working with operators including those in Central and South America. We help them implement the profit tools that have already proven so effective in the United States to reduce cost and increase revenue.”

SiteLink has more than 11,000 installations worldwide. Their software can easily be used for a single operator or a mutli-store operation. Users can partner with other software businesses such as RPOST, INSOMNIAC, and DocuSign. Owners can choose whomever they want for web design and credit card processors.

The software also integrates well with a wide variety of smart phones, call centers and marketing services, and central mail providers. Features such as revenue management, the built-in customer relation management, and e-mail and text messaging help the facility owners to grow revenue and lower the cost of owning the software.

One of the company’s core values is to listen to and learn from their customers’ feedback. They take that feedback and implement the suggestions into the software.

One of the common requests they received was to have a web-based version of their software. So, they created the online web edition of SiteLink. Then, customers asked to have the software support portable storage options. So, the software now has the capability of tracking container movement, scheduling deliveries, and creating work orders.

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