Self Storage Well On Its Way to Becoming the Next Big Thing

Posted on Apr 23 2014 - 11:09pm by John Stevens

Everyone wants to find greatness; not just find it. No, you have to want to be among the first if not the first. That means you are going to have to do your homework and figure out what or who is preparing to explode on to the metaphorical scene—and achieve greatness.

This is true whether you are talking about sports, politics, or a business like the self storage industry.

Self storage facilities are common; we see them everywhere in the United States. With 50,000 and growing it is unlikely that a person can live in a town that does not have  a self storage facility of its own or one in reasonable reach. As more and more people discover the industry and begin to appreciate and use its product the number of facilities is only going to go up.

Investors are counting on it. Some are even sure of it.

“We’ve been buying self-storage every year since 2005 and have seen traditional cap-rate compression, but also development opportunities,”’s Carrie Rossenfeld reports Michael Schwartz of Strategic Storage Holdings as saying. “The lease-up opportunities from 2008-2011 are gone. We are now in a five-year phase of development.”

Of course when it comes to an industry that is on the rise it is important to be able to reach the masses; get out the message and tell people you are near. With competition stiff in some locations it is important for companies to figure out a way to go above and beyond the call of marketing duty. Many facilities have begun to take use of the internet in order to do just that.

Some have even created an application; better known as an app.

Secured Self Storage in Ashville, North Carolina recently created and released an app in order to help increase its online presence. The app will allow users to do a number of things including request more information about the facility, explore the different units, download coupons, and remain up to date on any available discounts.

Sound cool? Well, what’s really cool is how they company produced it and how much it cost—nothing.

Appsbar is a mobile marketing company that allows interested parties the opportunity to create your own app that will be compatible with pretty much any mobile platform. The system comes with a wizard to help walk you through the construction process.

So that way even the most anti-computer person can do it!


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