Self Storage Website Experienced Tremendous Growth

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 4:06pm by Tony Gonzalez

A good business person regularly reviews her company’s business model. She looks for ways to improve processes, to reduce unnecessary overhead, and to improve efficiency. She implements changes and keeps an eagle eye on ROI. She anticipates the growth rate for her company and carefully tracks it. is one such company that monitored its growth expectations – and surpassed those high expectations. is a one-stop source for renting a storage unit anywhere in the nation. It started over 5 years ago and they currently have more than 10,000 self and mobile storage facilities in their directory.

In 2011, the company decided to focus on improving its Call Center.  (It is the only independent online storage directory that manages its own call center.) Under the company’s business model, storage owners do not pay a flat fee. Instead, owners only pay each time the call center reserves a storage unit at their storage facility.

Storage facilities that use the call center can have all of their calls sent to the call center, calls placed after hours, calls only from certain marketing sources, or calls missed during the day. The call center tracks how many calls refers to a business, the duration of the call, and the time of the call.

In 2011, the number of storage facilities that used the call center more than quadrupled. Because of this, added on to their headquarters which are based in Omaha, Nebraska. They also hired more call center employees.

In addition to the growth of their Self Storage Network and the optimization of the existing product line Mike Jones, Vice President of Operations, shared that “significant time and energy has been invested into the development of several new products that will be launched in the coming months. We nearly tripled the size of our programming department over the last 18 months so we would have the ability to maintain & improve the existing product line while simultaneously building some great new products designed to make online marketing easier and more affordable to all operators, especially small and midsized operators.”

Kucera echoed Jones’ sentiments and feels “ is an online marketing service that gives small & midsized operators who don’t currently have a web presence an instant online presence that allows them to compete immediately for online consumers, which can be a real marketing advantage in what has become a very competitive marketplace.”

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