Self Storage Wants to Make Things Easier for You

Posted on Sep 29 2011 - 6:13pm by Holly Robinson

In this day and age there is one thing that every customer wants, no matter whether they are renting a unit from a self storage facility, buying a new car, or going grocery shopping and that is convenience. People don’t want to have to work hard at spending their money; they work hard enough to earn it. Many within the self storage industry are doing what they can to make their business as user-friendly as possible.

Many self storage companies have made the most of the mobile phone craze that has swept the nation in recent years. Some have focused marketing efforts towards mobile users as the number of consumers with hand-held internet access has grown dramatically. 

A number of self storage facilities have created mobile applications for consumers to download. Often times the applications are for strictly marketing purposes, but some self storage facilities have developed applications that allow users to find and reserve a self storage unit. In some cases they are even able to pay their bill via the application.

 “We continually look for new and innovative ways to enhance our customers’ experience whether they are at one of our facilities, at our website, on Facebook or Twitter or now, mobile based,” said Todd Manganaro, president of ezStorage Corporation.

Self storage auctions have become big business thanks in part to the success of a hand full of reality shows. States across the country have been besieged by state self storage associations to update and simplify laws in regards to auctioning off a self storage unit for non-payment. 

The growing popularity of them has given rise to websites like, a site that helps those interested find self storage auctions in their area. As the site has continued to grow, listing more and more self storage auctions, the need for making its information more accessible to users has arisen. By creating a widget, the thinks that it has done just that.

A widget is like a phone application in that it serves a particular purpose for users, typically third party websites wanting to present information from another source on their website. Since the date, time, and location of self storage auctions is something more and more people are interested in, created a scheduling widget. 

Now, if a person goes to a particular state self storage association site, if it has a widget from they can search for and locate auctions that are in their area.

“Our goal was to create a tool to update self storage auction info in the time it takes to send an email. Most storage facilities do not have a webmaster at their disposal to maintain online auction schedules, so we wanted to create a tool that any facility manager could easily use,” said StorageTreasures President and Founder Lance Watkins.


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