Self Storage Units Much More than a Place for Your Stuff

Posted on Dec 30 2011 - 6:52pm by John Stevens

Since they began dotting the landscape of America about half a century ago, self storage facilities have become much more than additional closet space or an extra garage. With the way that Hollywood has latched onto them and made them apart of so many different movies and television shows you could almost say they are part of pop culture.

Thanks to the movies and TV shows, who hasn’t heard a story about someone who knew a guy that knew a guy that was there when a self storage unit was opened up and all this ______ was found inside? Everyone has! 

In the real world the vast majority of the thousands and thousands of self storage units in the country hold the same basic thing—someone’s stuff. However, over the years there have been some rather inventive ways in which some people have tried to use a self storage unit.

One man in Sedro-Wooley, Washington, was till recently looking to expand a practice he was already engaged in—renting units so that people could grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. He thought before he converted more units to doing that he should get a permit from the city council, but was recently denied.

That is not the only type of ‘relaxing’ endeavor that people have attempted to use self storage facilities for. In the UK, those looking to engage in sexual activity in the middle of the day (or night) have stopped spending so much money on hotels for each tryst. Instead, some have taken to renting out self storage units for that purpose.

“If you bring in drugs or explosives then you’re thrown out straight away…A visit with a lady friend? Well, I suppose we’ll turn a blind eye, though it’s hardly going to be very comfortable, is it?” one London self storage manager has stated.

Now there are many inventive uses for self storage that are not legally questionable or just questionable in general. Many businesses have taken to using self storage spaces for storage space; some have even gone as far as to set up their ‘showroom’ for clients in a self storage facility.

“It is simply more convenient. It is less expensive and I am not locked into a contract as I would be with retail space,” said Ms. Nurhana Jamaludin, the proprietor for an online vintage furniture business.

Philip else had something unique in mind when he rented from a Safestore self storage facility. He wanted to own his own MMA gym.

“I’ve wanted to run my own gym since I was 12,” says Else.

As you can see there is much more to what self storage facilities can do than meets the eye!

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