Self Storage Software Helps—No Matter What Side of the Pond You Are On!

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 10:31pm by Tony Gonzalez

At one time when the word ‘software’ was used in movies it involved a cliff-hanger moment when the good guys realized that the bad guys were trying to steal/alter/corrupt it in order to hurt the good guys. Now everything is computerized, computers can be carried around with ease, and there is an app that can do just about anything—including find you a self storage facility.

Computers have the ability to help make our lives easier in so many ways; many that we have yet to eve figure out. If there is something that a person is trying to utilize the power of their computer for they need one thing—the right kind of software so that the computer knows what it needs to do.

Different companies have been creating software geared towards the self storage industry for years; a type of management program that can help a manager operate a facility in an efficient manner. Of the companies doing so E-SoftSys is one of the largest servicing self storage facilities and companies in North America, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

In April Five Star Storage in North Dakota finished converting its eight facilities to the Self Storage Manager, a self storage management software program by E-SoftSys:

According to Ben Hendricks, VP of Operations at Five Star Storage, “With the exponential growth of our self storage business, we did some extensive research and analysis on various packages and eventually concluded that Self Storage Manager was the best fit, as it offered the right blend of functionality and flexibility to meet our business needs….”

With the self storage industry so prevalent in the United States it comes as no surprise that many companies do use it. As the industry continues to grow oversees it is likely that the company’s imprint will grow overseas. 

Xtra Space Self Storage located in Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom recently upgraded its system with the same program Five Star Storage is using:

According to Harry Watson, Manager of Xtra Space Self Storage, “We are highly impressed with the features that SSM offers. SSM is well suited for our storage facility as it has an extremely user friendly interface and we could quickly get around to using the software in a very short time….”

Who knows, maybe if computers and software continue to evolve they’ll figure out a way to pack and move our things in to a self storage unit as well!


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