Self Storage Software Company Wants to Do More with Your Donations

Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 5:52pm by Winnie Hsiu

Charitable contributions can often be a lot like votes. Alone they can’t do much; in fact they are quite powerless. However, when combined with others, cultivated and grown they can do a lot of great things. That is just what one self storage software company has in mind for the month of March when it comes to donations made to one charity.

When people donate money to a charity there is often some lingering doubt or concern about how the money is spent or whether most of it actually goes to the charity. That concern was justified this week when it became public knowledge that New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez had been involved in a charitable endeavor where only one percent of donations actually made it to the charity!

In a charity poker tournament he ran back in 2006 conjunction with Jay-Z he succeeded in raising over $403,000. According to records provided by the IRS only $5000 ever made it to a charity designated by Jay-Z and $90 made it to a little league baseball team in Miami.

QuikStor, a self storage security and software company, understands that concern and has figured out the best way to put it to rest—by putting their money where their mouth is so to speak.

“I hope a lot of people will take advantage of this opportunity. We have wanted to get more involved with Kure It for some time now, and it just seemed right to involve our customers, as well, for an even greater outcome,” QuikStor Senior Account Representative Shaina Cossairt states.

For the month of March the company has pledged to match every donation that its customers make to Kure It, a charity that raises money to help fund cancer research. The charity holds a special place in the heart of the self storage industry since one of its founders, Barry Hoeven, is a longtime veteran of the industry.

“It is important for donors to know that their gift is making a difference. QuikStor’s customers will have the satisfaction of knowing that just by donating in March, their gift will have double the impact. We are tremendously grateful to QuikStor and their customers for their commitment to fund groundbreaking research,” Karen Jones, Director of Kure It Cancer Research said.

Kure it has been raising money to help research for types of cancer that are under-funded. It first began operations in 2007 and crossed the $ 1 million mark in total donations in 2011.

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