Self Storage News Tidbits from Around the Nation

Posted on Jan 31 2012 - 12:05pm by Kim Kilpatrick

The United States Commerce Association (USCA) selected Vail Ranch Self Storage in Temecula, California, as the 2011 Best of Temecula Award in the self storage category. The Best of Business award honors exceptional local businesses across the United States. Based in New York City, the USCA yearly awards companies that have achieved marketing success and that provide exceptional service to their customers and to their community.

Vail Ranch Self Storage is family owned and located in the heart of Temecula. They offer several different types of storage. They provide secure document storage. They are a license and bonded wine storage facility and have 9-case units and units that can hold up to 1,000 cases. All wine units have temperature and humidity control and free flowing air. They can also store every size of RV and boat.

Next in the news, Coakley Brothers, in Wisconsin, has opened a self storage business called Brothers Self Storage. Their building used to house Coakley-Tech which was a digital print and document management system. (They are consolidating their print and document management business in a building in Hartland, Wisconsin.)

Instead of leaving their old building vacant, they decided to turn it into a storage business. Since, part of their family has been in the self storage business since 1888, it was a logical decision to renovate the building and turn it into a storage facility. Their storage business is on 4000 W. Burnham Street in West Milwaukee. They have will have 900 climate controlled units that range in size from 10′ X 5′ up to 10′ X 25′.

Last in the news, A-1 Self Storage in California announced that they will donate monies to the Milestone House. The Milestone House is a residential treatment program for at-risk girls from thirteen-years old to seventeen-years old. These girls are victims of neglect, abuse, or abandonment and suffer learning, behavioral, and emotional problems.

Milestone House provides treatments and programs designed by their social worker, psychologist and psychiatrist to help the girls deal with and overcome their problems. The Milestone philosophy states that each person will rise to the level of expectation – and they expect those girls in their program to become achievers in all areas of personal grown. They provide the tools, training and support so that the girls can be successful in reaching their goals. The monies received from A-1 Self Storage will help pay for some of these services.

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