Self Storage Manager Goes Above and Beyond to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Posted on Jun 30 2014 - 11:09pm by John Stevens

No matter what the business is—whether it’s self storage or otherwise—quality customer service is imperative to the success of said business. People like to feel like they are important to a business; that they are not just another face in the crowd. How a company or its employees decide to make sure a customer feels that way is up to them.

Good customer service can come in many ways, but of course it never hurts to go above and beyond the call of duty from time to time—a lot like a manager for a Stop & Stor in Glendale, New York, did recently.

“Oftentimes people come to use our facilities because they are going through a rough time. Their stories are not good ones. We are fortunate that through the care, concern, and professionalism of our employees, ‘good stories’ are created to offset the bad ones,” said Jeff Henick, Chief Operating Officer of Stop & Stor.

Her name is Sheila Deodharry. The facility that she manages is one that a lot of victims from Hurricane Sandy stored some of their belongings to while they recovered from the damages. One such person was in the process of moving in to New York City to be with her future husband and appeared to leave a few bags of things at the facility.

When Sheila found them she knew they belonged to someone. When she looked inside and found some pictures she knew what was inside had some sentimental value. Had she just set them aside and waited from someone to come get them she would have been doing as much as could be expected.
Instead she did more; much more.

She recognized the owner from one of the pictures, but with as many customers as they have she could not remember the person’s name. At that point she could have stopped, but instead she started going through records in an effort to put a name to the face—and she did.

Once she was able to she got in contact with the person. As it turns out, she needed some of the things in the bags for her wedding ceremony. The note she sent to the facility said it all:

“You went and took that extra step which might not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but it means the world to us.”


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