Self Storage Legal Network Sponsors an Upcoming Webinar

Posted on Jul 25 2012 - 1:19pm by Holly Robinson

As the use of mobile storage containers become more and more widespread, cities around the country are grappling with issues surrounding them. Some of the concerns cover issues such as regulating placements of units on a property. Can a person put a unit in their front yard? Should the units be allowed only in driveways? If units are required to be in a driveway, will that impact the parking spaces in a residential neighborhood?

Other concerns include how many days a unit can be parked on residential property. What if the unit is old and the neighbors complain that it is an eyesore? Should there be a limit on the size of mobile units allowed in residential areas?

If mobile storage units are a part of your business operations, you will be interested to know about some upcoming online webinars.

Scott Zucker and D. Carlos Kaslow will be presenting a series of three one-hour webinars that focus on topics about legal issues concerning mobile storage. The first webinar is scheduled for August 15, 2012. It is titled “Mobile Storage Law: It’s Not Self-Storage” and registration costs $49.95

This webinar will explore legal issues pertinent to both those who already have mobile units as part of their business model and those who are considering entering the mobile storage business.

They will cover the following topics:

  • Key legal differences between mobile storage, self-storage, and the moving and storage business
  • State and federal licensing requirements for mobile operators
  • Required terms and conditions for mobile storage customer contracts
  • Remedies for handling delinquent customers
  • Understanding the type of insurance required to operate a mobile business

If you are interested in attending this seminar, click here to register.

In October, their webinar will cover lien sales and owner liabilities. In December, their last webinar will be about handling competing property claims.

Zucker and Kaslow founded the Self Storage Associations’s Self Storage Legal Network. Together, they have over 50 years of experience in the self storage industry.

Scott Zucker, a partner with Weissman Zucker Euster Morochinick, P.C., specializes in litigation that focuses on self storage operators. He is a frequent speaker at self storage events and is the author of Legal Topics in Self-Storage: A Sourcebook for Owners and Managers.

 D. Carlos Kaslow is the Self Storage Association’s general counsel. He co-wrote the Rental Agreement Handbook.

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