Self Storage Just Wants to Make Life Easier For Everybody

Posted on Jun 11 2014 - 11:46pm by John Stevens

How many times have you wished you had a third hand so that it would be a lot easier to do something? Or another half hour to complete a task or an extra drawer to store things or ear plugs because of a really loud neighbor? Every day we look around and see a thousand things that would make life easier—which is exactly what the self storage industry is intended to do.

Now a self storage facility can’t help you with your homework, assist you in completing a job, or make your neighbor any less noisy, but it can provide you with something that can help with many, many things—space. 

The industry as a whole even wants to make it easier for you to find a facility and in many cases make use of it.

With around 50,000 facilities you would think that it would not be hard to find a self storage facility, but with the time constraints that day to day life put on us we don’t have time to look. That is where self storage aggregators come in handy; a virtual self storage yellow pages (but with much more than just an address and phone number).

Aggregators and many facilities also use specialized software geared towards the self storage industry in order to make the experience online more helpful and easy. For example, recently partnered with DOMICO in order to integrate its software.

“…By integrating systems, customers and operators come out ahead. Customers can feel confident that they’re finding current information on a facility when searching on the Internet, and operators can focus more attention on their facilities and less on paperwork,” said Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing at

Customers are not the only ones that like to have things easier—facility managers do as well. When their lives are easer it frees them up to make the lives of their tenants easier. For example, recently partnered with Pop-A-Lock, the nation’s largest locksmith network, with the very idea in mind.

“This added service will bring convenience and a time-saving option to self storage facility managers who no longer desire to cut their own locks, take pictures, and inventory their storage units in preparation for sale,” said Storage Treasures CEO James Grant.

A new type of revolutionary door could soon make the lives of customers and facility managers much easier. DCBI has developed a kind of door made out of easy to replace panels called the Curl-Lok. Should the door become damaged in some way instead of replacing the whole door managers just have to replace the damage panels.


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