Self Storage is for More Than Storing Cars

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 12:35am by John Stevens

Typically when people think of the self storage industry they think of the many scenes in movies and television shows where all sorts of things are done/stored/etc. or they just think of storing stuff; things like furniture, clothes, recreational vehicles, and even cars. While it may make sense for people to store a car at a self storage facility that is not the only thing people do with cars there.

Now they don’t do anything crazy like hold drag races down rows of self storage units or anything crazy like that. No, but there have been occasions where car shows have been conducted!

The LifeStorage facility in Elgin, Illinois, hosted its first annual car show over the weekend (July 20). Prior to the event the store manager, Freddy Mardice, had this to say:

“We’re really excited. We’re expecting a great turnout with around 200 cool cars or more.”

Whenever a LifeStorage facility holds an event it is more than just an event. Parking was of course free as well as refreshments. Along with the cars the facility had music as well as a raffle with prizes. Proceeds from the raffle were earmarked to benefit the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund.

This is not the first time that a LifeStorage facility has hosted a car show. The LifeStorage facility in Libertyville hosted a special car show last month. In honor of dear ole’ dad the Chicagoland Mopar Club SRT Tour Car Cruise came out on June 16. On display were a Challenger SRT, Charger SRT, 300 SRT and Grand Cherokee SRT. The facility also encouraged anyone with a classic car or muscle car to show up for the show that morning.

To go with the cars people in attendance were also able to enjoy some coffee and donuts.

LifeStorage has primarily existed in Illinois, but recently has started to branch out into other states. Over the last several months the company has added four facilities in Nevada, one in Henderson and three in Las Vegas bringing the total number of facilities now under the LifeStorage umbrella to 40.

“Our focus has moved from getting the deal done to the hard work of improving our customer’s experience. We have learned a lot by managing 40 self-storage locations, and we are busy putting our best practices to work,” said Kenny Pratt, Director of Operations at LifeStorage.

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