Self Storage Industry Understands the Importance of Education and Experience

Posted on May 24 2012 - 8:54pm by Kim Kilpatrick

When it comes to job interviews there are typically two types of people employers see—those with book smarts (formal education) and those with street smarts (experience). In some cases a job is better suited for one over the other. There are strengths and weaknesses to both. However, what employers often desire is a combination of both.

Several members of the self storage industry have been known to do what they can to help people better themselves. There are several that have programs that help people reach their educational goals. One company, Storage Post Self Storage, has recently started up a traditional program that provides people with both.

The company’s corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia, has begun a professional internship program. The idea is to give students an opportunity to get some real world experience while they are pursuing their education.

“We decided to create an internship position, not only to meet an office need, but to encourage students to gather real-world business skills. Applicable knowledge and hands-on experience make all the difference in the job market, and Storage Post supports Atlanta talent,” commented Susie O’Connell, vice president of communications for Storage Post Self Storage.

The internship is likely to be a popular one with college students. Not only does it give students the chance to get experience in many different facets of the business world including communications, marketing, and real estate operations, but it is a paid position (a rarity among internships).

Paying for college can be a pretty taxing chore for many people. Often times there are people that have the experience, but have a hard time getting the job since they do not have the education. Many try to work and go to school at the same time; an extremely difficult task to say the least.

One company has a yearly program geared towards trying to help those types of students (as well as traditional students) meet the costs involved with higher education. StorageMart, a self storage company with over 130 facilities in the United States and Canada, has a scholarship program that awards five $1000 scholarships each semester.

What makes the program different than others is that there are no stipulations as to what the scholarship can be used for. StorageMart understands that many students have outside expenses like childcare universities do not include in their financial aid packages.

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