Self Storage Industry Shows its Christmas Spirit on Both Sides of the Ocean

Posted on Dec 22 2011 - 9:56am by Tony Gonzalez

December brings the holiday season to people all over the world. Different lands, of course, have their own way of celebrating this special time of year. For example, in the United States kids look forward to seeing what Santa Claus brings them under the tree. In the UK they don’t look for Santa Claus as much, but look for Father Christmas to leave presents in their stockings.

While there are subtle differences in the way the holiday season is celebrated there is one thing that is the same no matter where you go—the spirit of giving. Self storage companies across the United States are known for getting involved with a number of charities during Christmas time. The same can be said for the self storage industry in the UK.

Access Self Storage in Harrow and Wembley have been collecting for their Christmas Gift Appeal for the last few weeks. People have been donating unused toys, games, and other presents at one of the companies self storage facilities. Soon the company will be taking what they have collected to The Children’s Society.

“We are eager to encourage locals to show their support and donate their unused gifts at our drop off points. Christmas is a time of year to enjoy and we hope to put a smile on the faces of local children who are not as fortunate as others,” said Kevin Pratt from Access Self Storage.

As busy as Father Christmas has been in the UK, Santa Claus has been just as busy in the United States.

Santa and the self storage industry stay busy every holiday season thanks to an ongoing relatonship that many facilities have with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. Earlier this month Santa Claus made a special trip from the LifeStorage facility in Elgin (near Chicago) to the pediatric unit and ER at Sherman Hospital to make sure that the kids there were full of holiday cheer.

“One of the highlights was when we knocked on one boy’s door and asked if Santa could come in to wish him a merry Christmas. The boy ripped the curtain open yelling ‘Santa’s here? Santa’s here!’

“It meant a lot to me to be able to make the kids smile and to let them know that, even though they aren’t going to be home with the family for Christmas, that doesn’t mean that Santa didn’t know where they were,” said Paul Menzel, manager of the LifeStorage facility in Elgin.

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