Self Storage Industry Really Embraces Small Businesses

Posted on Jul 30 2013 - 10:55pm by Winnie Hsiu

Have you ever thought that you would love to go into business for yourself? Has the lack of space for your product and/or an office been holding you back? Did you know that the answer to your problem could be as close as your local self storage facility?

For years the self storage industry has been a friend to small businesses around the country. In lieu of paying for warehousing or having to rent a larger space for your store front, many small businesses have taken to using self storage facilities.

The choice makes sense. They cost less, you can get just the space you need, and should there be a need for more space it will not be that hard to upgrade or rent an additional unit.

But what if the problem is a need for office space as well? There are some self storage facilities that can help you with that as well now!

Take Access Self Storage in the UK. In the last few years the company has seen a serious increase in small business clients, many of them start-ups.

“…It’s an exciting but daunting time for them – they have an idea and they have raised some funding, but they’ve got to keep their overheads low….” Said Kevin Pratt, marketing manager for Acess Self Storage.

 If asked, it would not be surprising if many of them said they were at first hesitant to rent office space at a self storage facility for fear they would find themselves essentially working out of a self storage unit. That is, of course, far from the truth.

“…In fact, our offices are light and airy and a really cost effective approach for small businesses that need more space. We have a range of units that can be rented for any length of time for a minimum of one month, with business rates, heating, lighting and service charges all included. We don’t even require a big deposit.”

It’s possible to find office space at self storage facilities in the United States as well. Clovis Storage & Executive Office Suites in Fresno, California, now has around 350 small businesses operating in some fashion from the facility be it using a self storage unit or one of the 50 executive suites.

“This office space is designed for the entrepreneur who wants to go into business tomorrow. He can rent a small, furnished office with everything included. We ship and receive freight from our freight dock and put it into a secure cage he can access 24 hours a day. He even gets a street address and mailbox.”

So if you are thinking about starting a business, but think you lack the capital to do so start checking out your local self storage facilities. One just might have the office space and unit you need!

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