Self Storage Industry Knows the Importance of Security

Posted on Dec 10 2012 - 8:03pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Different people will look for different things when they are searching for a self storage facility. For some it may be proximity to work or home. For others it may be cost and some may be interested in specialty storage. There is one thing that everyone will be interested in and that is the facility’s security.

People rent self storage units because they are not ready to part with certain things yet or smply need the extra space. Whatever it is that goes into the unit is not typically something that they are okay with losing or getting stolen; if that was the case they would just get rid of what they are storing rather than spend the money to put it in storage.

The importance of security is not lost on self storage facility operators. They know that a customer is not likely to rent at their facility if they don’t think their stuff is going to be safe.

“Unless a customer feels secure in the facility there at, they’re not going to rent a unit from you,” said Colt Lightfoot, manager of Penny Pinchers in East Charlotte, North Carolina.

Many companies will use their security measures as a marketing tool knowing how important that is to prospective tenants. It is not uncommon for them to publicize upgrades to their security. That way the word not only gets out to possible clients, but as a warning to criminals as well.

Security is more than just physical though (cameras, fences, security gates, etc.). Sometimes it can come in the form of information or something as basic as how a company does business..

Flexistore, a UK self storage company, has recognized that the more people involved in handling and securing the belongings of tenants the more lax security must be in order to accommodate the necessary access for the various persons involved. That is why they promote the use of mobile self storage units.

“Placing your belongings in a warehouse can, for some, be a stressful affair – particularly when it’s required at short notice due to a collapsed house move or relationship. Choosing a supplier hastily can make people vulnerable to being poorly advised and ripped off but we are fully committed to offering our customers a supportive service as well as a secure one – providing that extra peace of mind.”

A mobile unit brings the resting place for a person’s things to them meaning that they will be the only ones handling their stuff from home (or wherever it originates) to the safety of a locked unit. The more control a tenant has the more secure their belongings will be.

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